Massage anti-cellulite sans chirurgie, sans risque et sans douleur !

Slim down, yes...but where you want to!

Saddlebags, buttocks, cellulite, sagging skin…

Unpleasant localized areas ?



You are overweight with a disproportionate figure and suffer the scorn and mockery of your entourage? You have tried several diets and sports regimes without being able to win your case?

If so, there is a credible alternative for overcoming this problem. It is the CELLU M6® for lipomassage.


The CELLU M6® Integral is the greatest technological advance in the treatment of body problems caused by ailments like cellulite.

The CELLU M6® allows, thanks to its independent motorized rollers, to offer body treatments of great precision and indisputable quality. Indeed, the Rolls of this massage engine work meticulously the body envelope to get rid of its fatty clusters and promote a better blood circulation.

In addition, the CELLU M6® ensures absolute lymphatic drainage of the skin as well as an adequate lipolysis process. In this way, the skin regains a considerable structural balance since 70% of the fat that encumbers it is thus excluded from the body organ. The various directions of rotation of the CELLU M6® Rolls help to revitalize the body’s production of collagen and elastin, which are the key to lasting and constant youthfulness.

The CELLU M6® Integral offers patients undergoing treatment the opportunity to remove the fat that is clogging their bodies. This body care technique ensures that the body is clean, soft, supple and fresh.


Certified slimming without surgery

Fast, safe and painless results



The primary purpose of CELLU M6® is to eliminate the fat that weighs down and overloads the skin. Such fatty deposits in the skin are the cause of unsightly curves that are generally found in delicate areas of the body such as the stomach, thighs, forearms, etc. Thanks to the performance of the CELLU M6®, lipomassage makes it possible to identify localized fat and remove it in a balanced manner. The result is satisfactory in that the patient’s figure is refined and their curves disappear.

The CELLU M6® Integral body care method also smoothes the body envelope to avoid the orange peel effect caused by cellulite. By using the lipomassage technique, we obtain the softening of tissues and the decompartmentalization of fatty deposits. The result is a smoother, softer body envelope that is more resistant to cellulite, which eventually disappears.

Moreover, thanks to CELLU M6® Integral, it is also possible to prevent and treat weight variations and excess weight by firming the skin. The skin loses its suppleness and firmness due to the loosening of its cells. This dysfunction is caused by the low production of elastin and collagen. By means of lipomassage, CELLU M6® intervenes at the level of the fibroblast to stimulate the production of its genes, which are essential to the skin’s tone and firmness.

Finally, we should also add to the advantages of lipomassage that patients can resculpt their shape by using CELLU M6®. The lipomassage technique allows patients to regain a good figure thanks to a series of specific maneuvers that reconstruct and redraw the folds of the body.


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